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Meet the Hyper-Realistic Virtual Orchestration Service!

World-class Virtual Orchestration

Tailor-made orchestra is now affordable to anyone!

Our RMO(Realistic MIDI Orchestration) service, specialized in popular song and film music, is joined by the most qualified and experienced artists.

You send us your draft, and we send you back orchestral audio tracks.



Pop String Production

Aim Strings provides you with the highest quality string production. Using our proprietary RMO(Realistic MIDI Orchestration) technology, we can finish everything from arranging to mixing in just a few days at a low cost.


Film Music Production

We provide all the services to meet your needs for film music production, from composition, orchestration, and arrangement for additional instruments to recording and mixing.


Pop Music Production

In cooperation with AIMING MUSIC, one of the most popular music productions in South Korea, Aim Strings can promise to provide the top-notch arrangements for your success to come.

Powerful Benefits of 
RMO Services

We work flexibly and creatively according to your conditions.

For Composers & Singers

Fastest Delivery
Budget Reduction
Unlimited Revision
Online Work Process
Song Arrangement Support

For Production Companies

Fastest Delivery
Guaranteed Quality
Large Quantity Discount
On/Offline Work Process
Directing & Scoring Support

For Indie Musicians

Fastest Delivery
Special Price Policy
PR Support
Online Work Process
Song Production Support

For Content Creators

Fastest Delivery
Budget Reduction
Collaboration Support
On/Offline Work Process
BGM Production Support