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2021 Indie Musician String Production Support Project


AimStrings officially formed a partnership with Yung String and Seoul Studio, so we planned a special project.

If you want to work on a real string, it costs thousands of dollars to arrange, performance session, and recording studio, but if you do it through us, you can arrange, play, and record for about $1,000 per song.

Yung String, a top string session in Korea, and Seoul Studio, the first recording studio in Korea, will participate in recording the real string, which any musician envies.

Please note that there are restrictions on the team unit that can proceed because the price has been drastically adjusted to support individual singer-songwriter and indie musicians.

If you fill out the application form at the bottom during the application period, we will review it thoroughly and contact you individually.

We will do our best to support the passion of musicians who struggle to produce good music.

Thank you.





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