[NEW RELEASE] MBC Drama 'When I Was Most Beautiful' OST, Jeon Sang Keun '그대 행복해야 해요

Our string arrangements have become a hot topic in news articles! 
OST production Music Ground said: AIM STRINGS, which participated in the string arrangement, is a team that has created a sophisticated and rich real sound, and has attracted much attention in 2020. AIM STRINGS' string arrangement is a must-see point.


Jeon Sang Keun - 그대 행복해야 해요 (MBC Drama 'When I Was Most Beautiful' OST part.3

Composed by AIMING (김창락, 김수빈, 조세희)
Lyrics By AIMING (김창락, 김수빈), 송유경, 박단비
Arranged by AIMING (김창락, 김수빈, 강민훈, 권수현)
Piano AIMING (김수빈)
Guitar YOUNG
Bass AIMING (조세희)
String Arranged by AIM STRINGS
Midi Programming AIMING (김창락, 김수빈, 조세희, 강민훈, 권수현)


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