[Walkthrough & Tips] Best EQ Plugins for Bitter-Sweet Ballad Strings


Do you want to know which plugin is good for MIDI string?
Today, I will introduce some of the plugins used in the released song. It also shows the Score View of specific sections, so I hope it helps you.

Jeon Sang Geun (전상근)
-You Should Be Happy (그대 행복해야 해요)


OST by 뮤직그라운드
Executive Producer 박재희
Coproducer 정윤중
Office Director 김지훈, 박현정

Composed by AIMING/CLEF (김창락, 김수빈, 조세희), CLEF CREW
Lyrics By AIMING/CLEF (김창락, 김수빈), 송유경, 박단비, CLEF CREW
Arranged by AIMING (김창락, 김수빈, 강민훈, 권수현)

Piano AIMING(김수빈)
Guitar YOUNG
Bass AIMING(조세희)
String Arranged by AIM STRINGS
Midi Programming AIMING(김창락, 김수빈, 조세희, 강민훈, 권수현)

Recorded by 김정승, 강형준 @ Evermore Studio
Mixed by 정재익 @ DefSound
Mastered by 전훈 @ Sonic Korea

Plugins :
Soundtoys Little Radiator
Soundtheory Gullfoss
Sonible Smart:EQ 2
Fabfilter Pro Q3


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