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TOP100 Charted Songs
2021. 11. 26송유진(Song YuJin) - I Miss You (지금, 헤어지는 중입니다 OST)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 11. 24Letter Flow(레터플로우) - Scene(장면)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 11. 23POSITION (포지션) - Listen (내 말 들어봐)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 11. 19다비치 (DAVICHI) - 오로지 그대 (The Only Reasson)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 11. 19알레프(ALEPH) - 비밀 (Unknown)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 11. 09Wounded Healer (Feat. 백다나) - 상처입은 치유자MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 11. 03선유 - 청소 (Cleaning) (feat. 혜아)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 11. 02안다은 (An Daeun) - I BelieveMIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 10. 26이예준 (Lee Yejoon) - 그리워 그리워 (Miss You)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 10. 16김한결 (Kim Han Kyul) - 말도 못해 ( What to say)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 10. 13민영 - 널 잊을 수 있을까 (Feat.이일송) Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 10. 08한동근 (Han Dong Geun) - 내가 널 붙잡았더라면 (If I had held you)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 10. 07이찬원 (LEE CHAN WON) - 힘을 내세요MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 10. 07작은 우주 - 거울 (Mirror)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 10. 06르 메리무스 (Le_Merymos) - 어린 날Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 09. 27신예영 (Sin Ye Young) - 전화 한 번 못하니 (Not even a call) Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 09. 23제이크오 (Jake. O) 그대 없는 밤 - (A Night Without You)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 09. 15마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 분명 우린 그땐 좋았었어 (Happier than Ever)Real Strings (RB - INJ)
2021. 09. 15마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 하늘 땅 바다만큼 (mumumumuch) MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 09. 15리누(LEENU) - 너를 버텨내는 일Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 09. 09이우 (LEEWOO) - I'm sorry (미안해)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 09. 08메가맥스 (MEGAMAX) - Painted Love (Orchestra Ver.) | K-TOPIA IN MEGAMAX Chapter 1MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 09. 07솔라 (MAMAMOO Solar) - 나는 그대고 그대는 나였다 (Always, be with you)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 09. 05반하나 (BANHANA) - 설레이지 않아도 (Still Love)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 09. 04배성현 (BAEGASOO) - 우리 드라마 (Our Drama) Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 08. 26백지영 (BAEK Z YOUNG) - 행복하고 싶어 (I want to be happy) Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 08. 17박영훈 (Park yeong hoon) - 사랑이 남아있다고 믿고 있어 (I believe there's love left) Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 08. 16먼데이 (MONDAY)(Weeekly) - 별처럼 니가 내려와 (Like A Star)Real Strings (RB - INJ)
2021. 08. 04이종영 - 도피성 (Feat. 현진주) MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 08. 03펀치 (Punch), 매드 클라운 (Mad Clown) - 보고 싶단 말이야 (I Miss You)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 08. 03산들(SANDEUL) - 그대 한 사람 (The One And Only You) Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 07. 30천정아 (Jeongah Chun) - 이제 일어나(Feat. 윤석류) Rise Up NowReal Strings (Yung String)
2021. 07. 27김율 (Kim Yule) - 내일은 잊을게 (Feat. 박태민)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 07. 27김병현 - ReplayReal Strings (Yung String)
2021. 07. 18성훈 (Sung Hoon) - For You MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 07. 06코드 (KOHD) - 우리들의 이야기Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 07. 05다우리, 지진석 (Dauri, JI JIN SEOK) - 그때의 우리가 지금이었다면 (If We Were)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 06. 24빅마마 (Big mama) - 하루만 더 (One Day More)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 06. 22서인국 (SEO IN GUK) - 아득한 먼 훗날 우리가 (Distant Fate)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 06. 21손디아 (Sondia) - This Is Love MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 06. 17제이크 오 (Jake. O) - 이별 없는 사랑이 존재하긴 할까 (feat. 전철민) (Love without Breakup)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 06. 16WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN - Sleepless 夜未眠 Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 06. 14다비치 (DAVICHI) - All of My Love Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 06. 09반하나 (BANHANA) - 새로운 사랑에게MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 06. 07거미 (GUMMY) - I Wanna Be With YouReal Strings (Yung String)
2021. 06. 06태일 - (NCT TAEIL) - 아름다운 사람 (A Beautiful Human Being)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 05. 31브로맨스 (VROMANCE) - 너만 없는 하루 (The Moment)Real Strings (RB - INJ)
2021. 05. 31백현 (BAEKHYUN) - U Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 05. 29정세운(JEONG SEWOON) - DOOR (Your Moon) MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 05. 18에일리 (Ailee) - Breaking Down Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 05. 13유성은(U Sung Eun) - 내 마음이 너에게 닿았으면Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 05. 09필 (FIL) - 곧 이별 (Last Scene In Love)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 05. 07박민지 (MINJI)_그대의 정원 (With 김연수) MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 04. 27닐로(Nilo) - 들려줄게 (To. You)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 04. 23잠골버스 – 넌 괜찮아MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 04. 17여은 (YEO-EUN) - 있을 때 잘 할걸MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 04. 14이진우 (Jinwoo Lee) - 그런 하루 (An April Day)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 04. 07정엽 (JUNG YUP) - Waltz For YouReal Strings (Yung String)
2021. 04. 05웬디(WENDY) - Best Friend (with SEULGI)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 03. 25엠씨더맥스 (M.C the MAX) - 너의 흔적 (In Dreams)Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 03. 17리누 (Lee-Nu) - 운다Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 02. 19미연 (여자)아이들) (Miyeon) (G)I-DLE) - Dreaming About You Real Strings (Yung String)
2021. 01. 31밤에 (Bam-E) - 어른이 되고 하는 말 (Vocal 닐로)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 01. 20잠골버스 – 이별이 처음인 그대에게MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 01. 14박영훈 - 나의 그대 (My Dear)MIDI Strings (RMO)
2021. 01. 12타루(Taru) - 정류장 (Station) MIDI Strings (RMO)


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Why We Are The Best

Yung String is a string session team that was established in 2009 by combining the two major mountain ranges of pop strings, ‘The Strings’ and ‘K Strings’, and has been active in the music industry for about 12 years.

Their unique skills, regardless of genre, such as K-pop, Sound Track, Film Music, and Classic, are proven by more than 30,000 recordings and award histories.

Meet The Master

Kim, Mi-Jung

Strings Master
1990 Graduated from Seoul Arts High School.
1994 Graduated from Seoul National University College of Music, Department of Instrumental Music.
1994~ Standing member of Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra
1991~ Film/Game/Drama OST and BGM performance and recording
1999~ Master of 'The Strings'
2009~ Co-Master of Yung String
2018 Gaon Chart Music Awards Performer of the Year Award
2020 Gaon Chart Music Awards Performer of the Year Award

Sim, Sang-Won

Strings Master

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From arrangement to
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Listening to MIDI strings arranged by Aim Strings, revision and scoring.



Leave it to us from scheduling to hiring studios and directing recordings.



Edited WAV multi files will be sent within 24 hours after recording.

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